Pump With Comfort
Live With Power

Who We Are

At BIOBOO, through deep connections and ongoing conversations with thousands of mothers, we discovered that many endure pain and struggle to achieve satisfying results while breastfeeding. This realization ignited our passion to make a difference. In collaboration with dedicated lactation consultants, we embarked on a journey to create a breast pump that would redefine the comfort and efficiency of expressing milk. We firmly believe that the fusion of comfort and power has the potential to be truly transformative.we uplift every mom, allowing them to nurture their babies with love, comfort, and unwavering power.

“To bring comfort and power to as
many breastfeeding moms as possible.”


We Listen

Every mother's voice is precious to us. From first-time moms to working moms, we wholeheartedly listen to understand and meet the unique needs of each individual. We lend an attentive ear to those with elastic nipples, ensuring their comfort and experience are prioritized. We also value the invaluable insights of lactation consultants and other caregivers,incorporating their wisdom into our products and services.
By listening to the diverse voices of motherhood, we create a supportive space where every mom feels heardand empowered.

We care

A mother's well-being is our utmost priority. Wecare deeply about the pumping experience and the mental health of both first-time moms and working mothers. We hold space for theiremotions, their joys, and their struggles. Our care extends beyond the immediate, extending to the greater world we all share. We are committed to building a
sustainable future, where every mother and every child can flourish. Through our unwavering care, we strive to create a legacy of love and compassion for generations to come.

We Empower

Community lies at the core of our brand philosophy.Through our certified lactation consultant services, we aim to empower moms with knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions about their breastfeeding journey. We firmly believe that an educated mother fosters a strong woman, and we are dedicated to providing the resources and support necessary for mothers to thrive. Together, we build a powerful network that uplifts and empowers mothers,
nurturing their strength and resilience.