Easy Assembling


Step1 Cleaning the parts

① Remove the pump motor.
② Place all the silicone parts in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes.
③ Wash the milk collector and linker with warm soapy water and rinse well.
④ Wipe down the parts with cloth or air dry before use.

How to disassemble and clean the breast pump?
Step2 Assemble
① Put the silicone gas cup into the linker, and press it with your hands to make the edges fasten tightly to ensure a perfect seal.
② Install the valve into the bottom of the linker, make sure it is installed in the correct direction.
③ Put the assembled linker into the milk collector.
④ Place the silicone massage petal into the milk collector and ensure it is sealed properly to prevent leakages.
⑤ Install the pump motor.
How to install the breast pump?
Step3 Place the breast pump correctly
Press the silicone massage petal firmly against the breast, leave no gaps and make sure your nipples are centered. Keep it upright. Be careful not to distort the position of the product and the chest, otherwise the breast pump will not have suction.
Step4 Choose the suitable modes for using
How to choose the suitable model?Play Video

This product has 3 modes. Please choose the suitable mode and level when using.

Massage function:

9 levels(The massage mode could help stimulate milk production to some extent. You can use this mode first if there is need of stimulation. )

Suction function:

9 levels(The suction mode is used to pump milk efficiently. Please choose the optimum level. Level 1 means slow suction and level 9 means deep suction.)

Assistance function:

3 levels(Assistance mode is a unique 3+1 combination mode which is ideal for new moms using the cordless breast pump for the first time. 3 short frequency massages and 1 deep suction could also helps to relieve sucking problems caused by nipple indentations.)

Step5 Pouring milk
① Turn off the motor and then bend slightly to remove the pump carefully.
Note: Do not lie down while using the breast pump. If you feel any discomfort while expressing, please reduce the breast pump suction level or turn off the machine. If you need advice or have any questions, please contact with our support team.

② Pour milk.
To pour the milk into the bottle, make sure the gap of milk collector against the bottle mouth.

Instruction of pouring milkPlay Video
Step6 Cleaning and stocking (refer to step 1)

① Rinse the milk collector, valve and linker immediately after use.
② Place all the silicone parts in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes.
③ Wipe down the parts with cloth or air dry before storage.
④ Do not submerge electrical device in water.